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About Us

Escape Legends is a family owned and operated escape room entertainment company in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Who are the owners?

The primary owners of Escape Legends are me (Halen Knoll), and my dad (Tyson Knoll).

Here's some more about me:

I am a student at MacEwan University studying Marketing and Graphic Design. Through a plethora of YouTube videos and one of my good friends knowledge with electronics, I developed an understanding of the Arduino/ 3D modelling frameworks required for designing and fabricating our props. In addition to making the props for our rooms, I am responsible for all of our company branding, including our website, signage, and promotional materials.

Where did the idea of starting an escape room come from?

Glad you asked! My dad and I have had a growing passion for escape rooms since they were introduced to Edmonton in 2014. Before Covid-19 turned the world upside down, we would go to many escape room locations in Edmonton to experience their rooms. It was funny, because after a while... we had visited nearly all of the current room themes in Edmonton and ran out of places to go. We thought we were one in a million, but after talking to others in the community it was apparent that there were other people like us with nowhere to go except out of town locations. That's why my dad and I decided to open up our own escape room. And where would we go? Sherwood Park of course! Its known to "Sherwood Park-ions" that there is a general lack of entertainment in Strathcona County. In our eyes, an escape room was perfect for the community.

What's the goal?

A huge part of our business model is how frequently we update our rooms. We want to have a new room every 3 months; this gives every room a life span of 18 months. We've noticed that some escape rooms don't change their rooms that often which limits the community greatly. Long story short, we aren't sure yet... All we know is that we plan on owning this escape room for a long time. Ultimately we would love to open other locations, but we know its more important to start small and work our way up.

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